Peekad is a country torn by a civil war between the government and a rebel terrorist organisation. The war started when the head of the Immaturas party, then known as Senator Newcombe, assassinated Supreme Chancellor Tyler and attempted to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Lee, while he was still just a Senator. This sparked the war off and the Immaturas party were no longer recognised as a political party and soon the Maturas party gained all control over Peekad. Many followers of the Immaturas defected however some stayed loyal, fighting against the Maturas regime.

Supreme Chancellor Lee has now made it illegeal to be connected with the Immaturas in anyway and is a crime punishable with death as it is an act of terrorism against the country but the rebel organisation continue to fight on. Senator Newcombe is now known as Gandalf and is leading the fight for what he says is justice. He claims that it was Senator Lee who assassinated Supreme Chancellor Tyler and that he was nearly assassinated himself was it not for his trusty bodyguards, Todge, Kris and Alix. Supreme Chancellor Lee reacted quickly to these claims saying that it was these three bodyguards who assissted the assassination and that it was Todge who actually tried to kill Lee himself.

The war still goes on however the Maturas still have a firm hold on the country and the rebels efforts are growing weaker and weaker. It is believed that soon the war will be over and that peace will again be bestowed upon Peekad.